Vibration Data Collection

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Vibration Analysis

Collecting can be fun.  Sports memorabilia.  Precious Moments figurines.  Star Trek and Star Wars action figures living in harmony.  Comic books.  Heck, a whole host of weird and wonderful stuff.

But hardly anyone is excited about collecting vibration data.  No one ever says, “Hey, Gary, wanna come over and check out my vibration data collection?”

Sure, vibration data collection may not be as exciting as, say, a mint-in-box 1978 Luke Skywalker action figure, but when it comes to your company’s success, that vibration data can be even more valuable.

It’s essential to keep in mind that you’re in the market for good data.  Bad data–like a comic book with its cover ripped off—is worth far, far less across the board.

Here are the things you want to make sure you’re keeping in mind as part of your vibration data collection:

  • Consistency: Knowing the trends in your data is absolutely imperative.  Data collected haphazardly isn’t trustworthy.  Make sure to schedule data collection so that it occurs at regular intervals—and make note of any changing conditions between collections.
  • Accuracy: Even small errors can add up to big—and costly—problems.  Proper collection techniques are a must.  Make sure the right data is being collected from the right equipment at the right time with properly calibrated equipment.
  • Safety: Some data can be collected with a handheld accelerometer; other data may need to be collected via permanently mounted sensors.  Consider the safety of your technicians as you determine what method is best for each piece of equipment.

In the end, it all comes down to training.  Vibration data collection is about a lot more than just pushing the button on the collector.  It requires proper techniques, in-depth note taking, and communication with appropriate departments.  The team at ATS is fully trained to ensure you get—and understand—the data that you need.  Whether we collect the data or help train your in-house staff to do it effectively, we’re committed to ensuring your vibration data collection is something to be proud of.

And once you have the peace of mind that comes with trustworthy data collection, you can get back to work on expanding your baseball card collection.


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