Predictive maintenance training

Introduction to Predictive Maintenance and Vibration Analysis

Course Description:  This course explores key components of a successful predictive maintenance program, real life case studies of several ATS client PdM programs, an introduction to concepts of force and vectors, fundamentals of data acquisition, basics of analog to digital conversion, characteristics of vibration in machinery, diagnostics of common faults in machinery, and instruments for vibration detection.  Classes can be conducted on-site or at an ATS training facility.  Class size will be limited to ten attendees.

Advanced Vibration Analysis

Course Description: This course includes advanced studies of vibration analysis and instrumentation, signal filtering techniques, machine fault diagnostics, understanding and setting effective alarms, advanced measurement techniques, and case studies.  Classes can be conducted on-site or located at an ATS training facility.  Class size will be limited to five attendees.

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Predictive Maintenance and Vibration Analysis course and a minimum of six months of field experience.

Recommended In-house Vibration Program Training Schedule

ATS will train and assist staff with vibration equipment, collection, and analysis.  This will include identifying critical pieces of equipment, establishing collection routes on equipment, identifying appropriate bearing points, creating a machine database, overseeing route collection, downloading of files into database, overview of data collector, and on-site assistance with vibration analysis.

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