motor and circuit analysis

Dynamic (online) monitoring combined with comprehensive static (offline) testing enhances motor condition awareness. Both dynamic and static testing are non-destructive methods.  Online monitoring of power circuit, overall motor health, load, and performance issues can be achieved with the computer controlled portable Explorer instrument.  The offline testing of electrical insulation and circuitry is performed with a computer-controlled portable AWA instrument.

Dynamic testing includes, but is not limited to, voltage level, voltage unbalance, voltage distortion, service factor, overcurrent, efficiency, rotor bar, operating point, torque ripple, load history, haystack, and operating condition test.

Static testing includes winding resistance balance, insulation resistance (IR/MegOhm), polarization index (PI), DC high potential (HiPot), and surge testing (exclusive to Baker Instruments).  Surge testing is the only way to detect turn-to-turn, phase-to-phase, and coil-to-coil insulation problems. 

ATS will perform non-destructive online and offline testing from the motor control center to the motor when possible, otherwise, local disconnects will be utilized.  Anomalies will be documented and addressed in a detailed report. 

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