oil analysis program

Oil analysis, provided in cooperation with Polaris and Tribologik Labs, provides extensive testing and analysis of oils, coolants, fuels, and industrial water-based fluids.  Reports display itemized data and graphs with historical trends for easy observation of changes in the normal pattern.  Industrial packages include testing for, but not limited to, ICP elemental metals, water percentage by Karl Fisher or crackle, viscosity at 40°C or 100°C, total acid number, FTIR, and ISO particle count. 

A report is generated for each machine consisting of supporting plots, abbreviated explanation of the analysis, severity assessment, and recommended corrective action.  Each report begins with a summary ranking the condition of the machine and lubricant based on the assessment.   



Start-up/Oil Assessment:  Includes a review of your current equipment list, collection points, and collection procedures.  Recommendations will be given on collection frequencies as well as proper intervals and tests for analysis.  The first oil collection will be taken at this time. 

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