EXPERTS in Predictive Maintenance

We provide professional, consistent and accurate reliability solutions. 

Experts in Predictive Maintenance

We believe that all critical plant equipment should be monitored by using condition-based monitoring technologies to identify “problems” before a failure occurs.

A message to our customers regarding COVID-19.

As a valued customer I am reaching out to inform you that during this time of crisis we here at Advanced Technology Solutions remain committed to providing you the support and protection you still count on for your most critical assets.  It is important now more than ever to have an extra set eyes watching over your production as you most likely are running with limited staff.  Please take a moment to read the statement below and don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything more I can do to help you through this very difficult time.

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Our programs are customized for each facility. You have everything you need to make the decisions to save you downtime and money.


We bring more than 230 years of combined experience in best practices in predictive maintenance to your facility.


We use a combination of technologies to collect data from your equipment and measure performance and trend change over time.


We analyze the data collected from your equipment and generate a report for each asset that can be viewed online from our website.

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Advanced Technology Solutions draws on more than 230 years of combined experience to bring best practices in predictive maintenance to your facility.

Our mission is to provide a high level of professional, consistent and accurate reliability solutions in partnership with our clients.

Your success is our success!

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A message to our customers regarding COVID-19

A message to our customers regarding COVID-19

March 19, 2020 At Advanced Technology Solutions the health, safety and productivity of our clients, partners, staff and community is our utmost priority.  Our work ensures vital prevention and safeguards critical production.  We have kept essential operations running...

Meet Chad French

Meet Chad French

Meet the ATS team: Chad French  How long have you been with ATS?   As of this writing (2/20/20), exactly 4,585 days – or about 12.5 years. I started in August of 2007. What do you do at ATS?  I’ve had many roles with ATS, but the role I’ve been in for the last five...

Resolve to Reduce Downtown

Resolve to Reduce Downtown

Happy New Year! It’s the time of year during which we all promise to do better and to be better. On the whole, however, we’re not very good at keeping our resolutions.  That’s why so many of us make the same promises to ourselves year in and year out. But when it...

PdM for the Red Nose?

PdM for the Red Nose?

Think about a foggy Christmas Eve. Consider Rudolph’s shiny nose. Perfect match, right? Rudolph leads the team of reindeer through the fog, his nose providing a beacon in the darkness. Christmas is saved! Unless… What if Rudolph’s nose is on the blink? Won’t light up?...

It’s Time to Talk Turkey

It’s Time to Talk Turkey

It’s time to talk turkey. Sure, that’s a Thanksgiving reference.  But it’s also a reminder that it’s always the right time for real talk. As the holiday season gears up, it can sometimes feel like November and December are lost months on the business side of things....

Halloween Soup Challenge

Halloween Soup Challenge

ATS knows predictive maintenance is serious business—but we also know how to have fun! On Halloween, we held our annual soup challenge.  This is a time when members of our staff bring in their favorite soups to share and we vote on a winner.  It’s a great—and...

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