Infrared Inspection Windows

Infrared Inspection Windows

IRISS logoATS is pleased to partner with IRISS to bring our customers Infrared Inspection Windows.

Infrared Inspection Windows are an Electrical Maintenance Safety Device that allows a safer method of monitoring and inspecting critical electrical assets. These Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices should be adopted as part of a comprehensive Condition-Based Maintenance System. With the proper procedures in place that take advantage of this technology, companies are able to monitor the health of their assets and schedule necessary maintenance before an unplanned event occurs, causing costly downtime and possible injury or fatality.

The IRISS infrared inspection windows come in industry-standard sizes as well as customized sizes.

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Video Script:

How important is the reliability of your switchgear, transformers, and other electrical assets to your business? Are you using the most advanced reliability technologies to extend the life of your assets and protect your operations from unplanned downtime? How much do you know about the solutions offered by IRISS?

As a proud IRISS distributor we offer you the best in temperature monitoring, infrared, and ultrasound inspection solutions. Monitoring the temperature of your assets is now available around the clock with the IRISS Delta T System which reads assets while they operate, reports the data wirelessly, and can notify you of a possible issue that needs to be inspected.

The patented infrared inspection windows from IRISS are the toughest and most reliable in the world. Their exclusive reinforced, clear polymer system allows for visual inspection as well as any thermography camera, to monitor energized equipment through an unparalleled field of view. Available in a range of standard sizes as well as custom sizes and options ot meet your needs and offering you an unconditional lifetime warranty there is no window in the world like an IRISS Window.

An added bonus of these windows is that there are multiple lines offering ports for ultrasound and partial discharge inspections. With a simple hand-held device these inspections can be done alongside the infrared inspections and decrease time and expense in the process while increasing the reliability of your electrical assets. With 75% of an assets total cost of ownership coming from operations and maintenance investing in a cost-savings solution that increases safety and reliability is the only logical choice.

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