Motion Amplification – Instant Replay for your Equipment

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Motion Amplification

How do you feel about instant replay during your favorite sporting events? Odds are you like it better when it reveals something good for the team you are rooting for.

“See, I knew it was pass interference!” “The replay clearly shows the flagrant foul.” “Man, he was out by two steps. They’re going to reverse that call.”

The thing about instant replay is that it makes it easier to see something that happened too fast for the naked eye. It helps referees and umpires make the right call every time.

Motion amplification is sort of like an instant replay camera for your equipment. It takes something that can be hard to see—like extremely subtle but potentially damaging motion—and makes it visible to the naked eye. Using a high speed, high definition camera to collect data, the software and video processing algorithms allow you to make the right call at the right time—before there is a problem in your facility.

ATS can perform diagnostic testing on critical equipment by using this powerful technology with vibration analysis to spot troublesome conditions like looseness in far less time. When technicians see the complete movement of your machines, potential problems can be identified and corrected.

Make the right call. Consider making motion amplification part of your PdM program.


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