Using Motion Amplification to Identify Issues Not Seen with the Naked Eye

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Motion Amplification, Predictive Maintenance

Making assumptions in vibration analysis can add a lot of time and wasted resources in finding the issue.  Using Motion Amplification Technology can help uncover problems you might not otherwise see.

High directional vibration in a large vertical pump, some analysts would lean towards sub surface pump issues, or even an unbalanced rotor within the motor.  Structural looseness is not typically the first diagnosis, because the last few times you saw this signature, it was not a looseness issue or no looseness was found at the time of inspection. Motion Amplification helps uncover the looseness without wasting a lot of time and money on unnecessary repairs.

Scroll motor on a centrifuge, with a 1 to 1 belt ratio.  High radial vibration throughout the motor and scroll bearings is typically associated to a scroll issue such as buildup within the unit causing unbalance.

Jumping to a conclusion can sometimes skip the quickest fix, which in this case is structural looseness, as you can see in this motion amplification video footage.

Vibration does not just occur on rotating pieces of equipment.  Excessive vibration within piping is just as destructive.  Over time the weakest link in this chain will break, whether it is the floor mount or even pipe support.

Damage is occurring you just cannot always see it with the naked eye. Motion Amplification technology sees what we cannot see.


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