What’s With Bob – Episode 5

by | May 24, 2023 | Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, What's With Bob

What's With Bob - Episode 5

Hey, there! Bob here.

You know, the guy from the comics? The ‘What’s with Bob?’ guy? You’ve heard a lot from my co-workers, and I thought it was time I spoke for myself. I mean, they’re great and all, even though they do eavesdrop a lot. But I thought you might like to hear from Bob himself, you know?

If you’ve been following my adventures, you know that my career has had a few ups and downs. Things really took off for me when I hired Advanced Technology Solutions, Inc. to design a Condition Monitoring Plan for our facility. In partnership with ATS, we put a comprehensive PdM program in place, and suddenly our downtime was reduced dramatically…

See, the word “predictive” is important. It means that we’re set up to see the signs of trouble before things go wrong. We can anticipate needed maintenance and keep the operation running smoothly. No more sending the crew home while we wait for repairs after a surprise breakdown.

I know they have been committed to our success. Best partners a guy could have. You know, besides his nosy coworkers.


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