Updating Your Predictive Maintenance Program

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Company News, Predictive Maintenance

Think about all the changes in technology.  Only ten years ago, a look back at the hot tech trends of 2009 revealed how things we now take completely for granted were just getting started—and other things that got off to a hot start are no longer part of our lives.

ATS has been consulting/partnering with its customers to create effective Predicative Maintenance Programs for more than 20 years.  That means ATS has seen, reacted to, and implemented a wide range of changes in knowledge and technology to make sure its customers have the best information readily available at all times.

At ATS, we want to help you answer the tough questions:  What is the best direction to go with your PdM program?  Should you stay with your route-based program, move to an online program, or employ a hybrid of both?  What are the advantages of spectral and trend analysis versus an alarm based system?  Who will manage the program?  How often will you get information and how will it arrive?  Will you know how to interpret that information?

ATS can help you answer all of those questions.  We are ready to be your program development advisor.

We have created a team dedicated to researching the different technologies that can support our customers today and into the future.  We are ready to review your current program and make informed recommendations about where you might go from there.  We are committed to completely understanding all available technologies and how they could be integrated into your current program.

Why is updating important?  For the same reason you probably do not use a BlackBerry for your mobile phone.  Your PdM program needs to work as well as it possibly can—and it cannot do that if you are relying on old technology.

Let us evaluate your current program and help you bring it into the present—and get it ready for the future.


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