Predictive Maintenance is like Wellness

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Predictive Maintenance

What is the most important piece of equipment in your facility?

It’s not your most expensive machine or your most reliable machine or your newest machine.

It is your people.

That is why, here at ATS, we have a predictive maintenance program in place—for our staff!

Each year, a team of health professionals performs a “wellness check” for the ATS staff.  Employees answer online questions and get their vitals checked by the wellness experts.  Soon after, staff members receive a personalized report about their health.  If any problems have been uncovered, the employee can take the necessary steps to get their health back on track.

Sounds similar to a predictive maintenance program for your facility, doesn’t it?  And that is by design. We live our values at ATS–and that means focusing on preventive care across the board, from equipment to personnel

In fact, we believe so strongly in encouraging good habits, that we offer cash, prizes, and other incentives to our team members for healthy choices.

What has been the result of this pro-activeness for our staff members?  We have seen a reduction in our health insurance premiums and a reduction in the number of sick days.  Therefore, doing the right thing for our employees has also been the right thing for our company as a whole.

Predictive maintenance is always the right thing.  That is why we take it so seriously and why we make sure it extends to every part of our business.  When you are ready to take predictive maintenance seriously, we are ready to be your partners—partners who hardly ever take a sick day!


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