We believe our people are our most important asset. That is why we bring in a team of health professionals to perform “wellness checks” for each of our employees. It’s a predictive maintenance program for our people!

These wellness checks involve online questionnaires in addition to physical checks of their vitals. Each employee receives a personalized report with information about their health and recommendations for next steps to address any concerns.

This evaluation and reporting process is very similar to the predictive maintenance programs we design for our customers’ facilities. Condition-based maintenance can evaluate your equipment by performing scheduled monitoring, whether it is a walk around or on-line program or both.  Why risk the wellness or health of your equipment when there is a “better” way.  Avoid the risk of the unknown failure or illness.

We live our values at ATS—focusing on preventative care across the board, from equipment to personnel—for our own business and for yours.

Predictive maintenance is always the right thing.  That is why we take it so seriously and why we make sure it extends to every part of our business.  When you are ready to take predictive maintenance seriously, we are ready to be your partners—partners who hardly ever take a sick day!