Predictive Maintenance – A Better Game Plan

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Predictive Maintenance

Football season is underway!  You might not think the pigskin has anything to do with Predictive Maintenance, but it turns out there are some similarities.

Imagine you’re the coach of your favorite team.  This weekend, you’re going to play your biggest rivals.  It’s the most anticipated game of the season and there’s a lot at stake—bragging rights, sure, but it’s also an important test for your team and could jumpstart ongoing success or send your season into a tailspin.

How are you going to prepare for the challenge?  Well, there are a couple of options.  You could just practice in the usual way and then respond in the moment to whatever develops during the game.  Or you could watch tape—lots of tape—which will give you some insight into what you might expect during the game and the opportunity to prepare your team to face those specific challenges.

It’s not good strategy to wait until game day to see whether your opponent likes to run or pass on second down.  It’s not a good idea to focus on the pass rush if their running back is just going to slip through the line on play after play.  It’s not a great idea to throw in the direction of a guy who has been racking up interceptions all season.

All of that information is available ahead of time so you can make smart decisions and plans before you’re down by 14 after the first five minutes of play.  Knowing your opponent’s tendencies gives you an advantage.

The same is true of Predictive Maintenance.  Sure, you could wait until something goes wrong and then address it.  You could spot check in the hope that you’ll be lucky enough to catch a problem before it becomes a crisis.  Or you could do what good coaches do:  you could make a point to collect and analyze the data before you have a problem.  That’s what Predictive Maintenance is all about.

If you want a better game plan for keeping your operation up and running, then we’re here to help.  Even when the big game is on.


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