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by | Oct 9, 2020 | Predictive Maintenance

Photo of man looking at online condition monitoring reportHow many times has your company had a great idea for making a big and exciting change—and then had to abandon the idea because you just can’t spare the time from your day-to-day operations to make a substantial adjustment to your work? You might even be confident that the idea in question will be a net win, but still not be able to figure out how to implement it efficiently. So you stick with the old way of doing things and don’t make any changes.

We, at ATS, see this problem pop up frequently when a facility is considering replacing its walk-around, route-based predictive maintenance program with an online condition monitoring program. You might have a good grasp of the potential benefits, but be unsure that you can make the change effectively.

That’s where we come in. Predictive maintenance, after all, is our area of expertise. When you partner with us to make the transition to an online system, you get the benefits of that expertise.

At ATS, we are continually researching the latest technologies that are applicable to predictive maintenance programs, including online condition monitoring programs. We can help you choose the right system or systems for your facility’s needs—and we will share any information about those systems that your sales rep may have “forgotten” or glossed over in the rush to sell you something. We’ll even attend meetings with the folks trying to sell you their system so that we can ask the questions you might not know to ask and then interpret the answers in language you can understand.

Once you’ve chosen a system, we can manage that system—including point setup and alarm management—ensuring that the reports you receive meet your specific and ongoing needs.

We can’t emphasize that last point enough. It is essential that your online system generates the reports you need and that you engage with those reports regularly. It is all too easy to think of an online condition monitoring program as a “set it and forget” proposition, but that approach simply will not allow you to take full advantage of the new system. We can help you make sense of the data and put it to work to keep your facility running smoothly.

Many of the new tools available for predictive maintenance are exciting and flexible, but they are only as good as the reports they produce and the preventative actions those reports inspire. Put ATS to work to get the most out of a new approach to predictive maintenance. Go ahead and make the change, but don’t go online alone.




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