Our next meeting to continue work on establishing an SMRP chapter in Kansas City will be on Wednesday, January 15th. Dave Crocker invited us to his facility this meeting.

15 January 2014, 5:30 PM-6:30 PM
Nearman Water Treatment Plant
4301 Brenner Drive
Kansas City, Kansas 66104

Eight people from various companies attended our last meeting at the Ambassador Hotel in early December. Many other interested parties have committed to attending future meetings. 

We reviewed the SMRP power point presentation for local chapter formation, began collecting signatures for our Petition for chapter formation and requested volunteers for the steering committee. The informal name for the group is currently SMRP Kansas City. We discussed a variety of activities that we can engage in such as plant tours, educational speakers, networking meetings, SMRP membership drives, CMRP promotion, etc… We reached out to SMRP for clarity on some issues and will re-address them at our next meeting.

Meetings will be held monthly for the time being, but may be changed after the chapter is established.

Contact Joe Akers if you would like to attend or learn more about this effort.