IR/INFO Conference 2015

by | Jan 16, 2015 | Company News, Infrared

The 2015 IR/INFO Conference is being held in New Orleans, Louisiana, from January 18-21st this year.  Per the IRINFO website:

Infraspection Institute, the undisputed leader in infrared thermographic education and training, created and developed IR/INFO in 1987 as a forum for information exchange in the thermographic, NDT, and P/PM realms. This unique program is well known within industry as the original source for infrared information exchange. As we have throughout the last decade, Infraspection once again presents you with the opportunity to join us for four days of dynamic education at its finest.

IR/INFO is a unique gathering initially created by thermographers for thermographers. However, architects, home and building inspectors, roof consultants, engineers, technicians, and managers involved in P/PM or NDT technology will also benefit from the expansive exchange of information during this popular symposium.

You can find a list of courses, workshops, and speakers here.

photo of Aron BrendesAron Brendes, of Advanced Technology Solutions, will be attending the 2015 IR/INFO conference this year.  If you are interested in speaking to Aron, you can connect with him on LinkedIn or email him at


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