FAN2045872_PAdvanced Technology Solutions draws on more than 220 years of combined experience to bring best practice in predictive maintenance to your facility. We believe that all of your critical plant equipment should be monitored by using condition-based monitoring technologies to identify “problems” before a failure occurs.

Using a combination of vibration collection and analysis, infrared thermography, ballbar and laser measurement, ultrasonic leak detection, oil analysis and motor circuit testing, we collect data from your equipment and measure performance and trend change over time. Our technicians have all been trained in predictive maintenance and certified with the Vibration Institute and SMRP – they are the best in the field. We analyze the data collected from your equipment and generate a report for each asset that can be viewed on-line from our website. The reports have detailed recommendations so you know what to repair prior to failure and unscheduled downtime.

Our programs, built on trust and respect, are customized for each facility. We have designed a proprietary online reporting system that puts our customers in complete control. You decide what information you get and when you get it. You have everything you need to make the decisions to save you downtime and money.

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