The Importance of 3rd Party Objectivity in a Predictive Maintenance Program

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Predictive Maintenance

Here’s something we can probably agree on: It’s hard to be objective about a situation when you have a stake in its outcome. That’s true in our day-to-day lives and it’s true when it comes to business, as well.

It’s certainly true when it comes to a Predicative Maintenance program. A variety of companies offer services similar to ATS, but often as an extension of their primary business. For example, a motor shop benefits from suggesting you need to replace a motor or a set of fan bearings. The same could be said of an oil company that sells oil or an electrical shop that specializes in fixing the problems they identify. These businesses may be as honest as the day is long—but they still have a direct interest in finding problems and then selling you the solution. More problems equals more revenue.

Advanced Technology Solutions doesn’t sell replacement parts, so when we make a recommendation, it is solely to help increase the efficiency and productivity of our clients’ operations. In a very real sense, our only product is your satisfaction with the ongoing reliability of your equipment.

There are additional benefits to having an unbiased third party collecting your routes and analyzing your data. Think of it as having an extra set of fresh eyes examining all of your equipment—eyes that may spot things your operators have become blind to after looking at the same machines day in and day out. A third party can bring those unseen potential problems to the attention of management before they turn into real problems that halt your operation.

In fact, we find that we often spot things that aren’t even directly related to the current job we’re working on—anything from a potential safety issue to a motor mount with a loose bolt. A fresh set of eyes looking things over carefully is always a positive thing.

And when those fresh eyes belong to a team that isn’t trying to upsell you? Well, that’s even better.


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