Predictive Maintenance should be like a Physical – A Medical Metaphor

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Predictive Maintenance

Imagine it is time for your yearly physical.  You feel just fine, but you know it is important to get regular checkups to make sure you stay healthy.  Therefore, you call your doctor and make an appointment.

Now imagine you are in the exam room.  Your doctor walks in, scrubs up, and turns to face you.

“So, I’d like to try something,” the doc says.  “Rather than examining you today, I’d like to attach tiny sensors to your body. Those sensors will trip an alarm back here in the office and if anything seems out of whack, we will contact you.  Sound okay?”

Wait a minute. The doctor has not examined you thoroughly – or at all! In place of an examination that might catch and diagnose potential problems now, your medical professional wants to hook you up to some impersonal machines and wait for the alarm to go off. You have questions: Who determines the alarm levels? What if no one pays attention to the alarm? What then? Do I just stop functioning?

Sounds ridiculous, right?  Who would let their doctor treat them this way?  No one!

However, the fact of the matter is, an awful lot of businesses treat maintenance of their vital equipment in the way our hypothetical doctor wants to treat you.

Ask yourself, “Why would you hire a company to set up a system of alarms that let you know when something has already gone wrong?” Wouldn’t it be better to hire someone to perform predictive maintenance—someone who could keep your company healthy and catch problems before they get out of hand?

Advanced Technology Solutions is committed to the health of your equipment—and by extension, your business.  We employ reliability analysts to determine what issues might be sneaking up on you.  We diagnose problems before they lead to failures.  We don’t wait around for an alarm to let us know something has already gone wrong.

To extend our medical metaphor, you might think of our oil analysis service as a check of your circulatory system.  Our vibration analysis is like an advanced check of your heart.  Our ultrasonic leak detection… well, we’ll let you make your own comparison there!

The point of a physical is to keep you healthy now so you do not end up in the hospital later. That is what ATS does for all of our clients.  Here is what one customer has to say about our work:

“Implementing predictive technologies at our plant has been a key factor, along with improving preventive maintenance and reliability reviews of equipment, in getting us to better than 97% uptime on all critical pieces of equipment. It is now a rare occurrence that a production line is sent home.”

That is the difference between a true physical and a set of sensors that only go off when the illness has already reached a critical stage.

So, let ATS be the healthcare provider for your business. We make house calls, and we will keep your equipment—and your bottom line—healthy.


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