Motion Amplification: an Exciting New Technology for Predictive Maintenance

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Company News, Motion Amplification

RDI Technologies has developed a revolutionary video processing system and software package called Iris M. The Iris M uses a high speed, high definition FLIR camera to collect video data. The software and video processing algorithms detect subtle motion and amplify the motion so it is visible with the naked eye. The system is completely non-invasive, so there is no need to shut down equipment or remove protective guarding when using the Iris M. To operate the system, simply point the camera at an asset, take video data, and then review the amplified motion with the software.

The Iris M is well equipped to handle a wide variety of potential applications. For example, here is a video focusing on pipes, and here is another looking at a structural base. The Iris M can also be used to analyze the structural integrity of bridges, buildings, and other structures. As more users continue to adopt this new technology, more and more applications will present themselves.

ATS is excited to use the Iris M in concert with vibration analysis when performing diagnostic tests on critical equipment. Common, yet troublesome conditions like looseness can be time-consuming to pinpoint normally using vibration analysis and phase readings, but Motion Amplification enables technicians to visualize the complete movement of the machine in minutes. When maintenance professionals can see the faults in their equipment, they are empowered to take corrective action.

Pipes Video

Structural base video


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