CNC perfromance – ballbar analysis
Ballbar analysis measures contouring errors in machining centers that are only apparent when the machine is in motion.  By converting data into a plot, the true movement of the machine is revealed.  From this recorded movement, the actual tolerance of the machine can be calculated and compared to the acceptable part tolerance.  This value will drive appropriate corrective action plans.

Ballbar data will quantify faults in the machine center such as servo mismatch, stick-slip error, straightness of the axes, lateral play, backlash, reversal spikes, circularity error, scale, and machine geometry.  Each of these conditions can be trended over time.

The ATS report will include a plot of the machine’s true movement, table listing of quantifiable errors, and recommendations for how to improve performance.  Severity assignments are based on the difference between the actual machine performance and the required part tolerance.
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