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by | Aug 1, 2018 | Company News, Predictive Maintenance, Training

August is upon us and that means it’s back-to-school time. So why not take advantage of the courses ATS, Inc. offers?

Our highly trained and certified staff—think of them as professors of Predictive Maintenance—are ready to teach you the things you need to know to keep your operation up and running smoothly.

Predictive Maintenance Training includes two courses—Introduction to Vibration Analysis for Predictive Maintenance and Advanced Vibration Analysis. These classes can be conducted on-site or at an ATS training facility and feature small classes (just 10 attendees for the intro course and 5 for the advanced course). We use real-life case studies to illustrate the work.

The training includes an introduction to concepts of force and vectors, fundamentals of data acquisition, basics of analog to digital conversion, characteristics of vibration in machinery, diagnosing common faults in machinery, and instruments for vibration detection.

We also offer an In-house Vibration Training Program, which equips your business to collect and analyze vibration data. The program includes training in identifying critical pieces of equipment, establishing collection routes on equipment, identifying appropriate bearing points, creating a machine database, overseeing route collection, downloading files into a database, an overview of the data collector, and on-site assistance with vibration analysis.

All of that may sound like a lot, but these are not “weed out” courses! We make sure you understand the training because getting an A in this sort of class leads to running an A+ operation. We want you to “graduate” from our program with highest honors!

But, maybe you don’t think either of these training programs meet your specific needs. Not to worry! We are happy to create a Customize Training Program for you, your plant management, and the team on the plant floor.

No need to shop for school supplies. Just contact ATS, Inc. and let us help you pick the courses that will meet your needs.


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