ATS Vidtorial #1 – Introduction

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Predictive Maintenance, Vidtorials


We are a full-service, multi-technology condition monitoring and evaluation service provider, and have been supporting our clients domestically and internationally for over 25 years.  Our headquarters is just outside of Cedar Rapids Iowa, with a satellite office in Kansas City, Missouri, and outposts in Washington state and Connecticut.

I’ve known owners Deb Kiwala and Ryan Bui since shortly after they started the business.  Back then, I was working for a condition monitoring instrumentation and software company and ATS successfully represented us in the US central region.  We worked well together, blending our hardware and software with ATS’ services to provide the best solution to meet our Customers’ needs.

Several years later, while with a different company, I became a customer myself and hired ATS to do some of my remote monitoring and reporting, when my business had more work than we could handle with just our internal resources alone.

I’ll be hosting and posting a series of short videos that will be kind of like TED talks.  But I don’t think I can call them that because I’m pretty sure that somebody else already owns that trademark!  So I came up with a new word, VIDTORIALS!  Vid, short for video and torial, short for EdiTORIAL or TuTORIAL.  So when you put them together the word becomes VID-TORIAL.  So the question is, how long do you think it will take the folks at Oxford or Webster to put “vidtorial” in the dictionary, like so many other new words and alphabet soup acronyms that have been added over recent years!

These VIDTORIALs will be on topics that I find interesting and hopefully you will too.

I’ll be covering a whole range of topics on condition monitoring and evaluation and how they relate to proactive and predictive maintenance and reliability and operational efficiency improvement.

Many will be from things I’ve spoken on at industry events and conferences over the years;

some relevant personal experiences in the field, interviews, case histories, “back to basics” discussions, and some thoughts on current trends and developments in our industry.

I’ll even be throwing in a contest every now and again.  So pay attention, there could be quiz and the correct answer might be worth a prize!

And who knows, I might even toss out some free advice and recommendations for product enhancements, to some of the instrumentation and software suppliers who serve this space!

So now, it’s time for me to get to work on the first real VIDTORIAL.

Stay safe out there, and please, make sure that when you go home at the end of your shift, you get there with all of your body parts intact.

Bye for now.


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