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PDM Program of the Year! We have been partnering with ATS since 2001. Together with ATS we developed our PdM program so that it was designed to enhance reliability of our facility and the assets used to deliver product. Our program is in place today and growing. We have received recognition and multiple awards as we continually bench mark the program within our corporation and against some of the best organizations in industry.

PdM Program of the Year

Steve, Aerospace Industry

We have been doing business with ATS for 10 years in the development of our PdM program. The current program has evolved over that time frame and exceeds our expectations. I have always felt that ATS was in this for the long haul, and found satisfaction through our success. It is truly a partnership.

Justin, Food Industry

Our current maintenance leadership has been working with ATS for close to nine years. In the beginning, we had little to no predictive technologies in place. It was a regular occurrence to not make it through a week without sending a production line home due to critical equipment being down. ATS assisted in establishing a vibration analysis program with data collected internally and analyzed by ATS. ATS then introduced us to IR technologies and started collecting and analyzing photos of our critical systems. With these programs in place we were able to convince our leadership to invest in a fulltime program of vibration, infrared, and oils analysis. We have since purchased our own IR camera and vibration analysis software and, with training provided by ATS, have begun to complete these functions internally. All the while, ATS has continued to provide us with oil analysis assistance and training on all aspects of predictive maintenance. Implementing predictive technologies at our plant has been a key factor, along with improving preventive maintenance and reliability reviews of equipment, in getting us to better than 97% uptime on all critical pieces of equipment. It is now a rare occurrence that a production line is sent home.

Brad, Household Appliances