combustible gas detection

Utilizing Combustible Gas Detection within a predictive maintenance program will ensure an extra measure of safety.  Due to the nature of combustible gases, any leak left to grow can turn into a potentially disastrous situation.  A combustible gas leak that reaches 100% LEL (lower explosive limit) near an ignition source can cause untold damage to the facility or even loss of life to nearby personnel.  Combustible Gas Detection methods can find these potential hazards, categorize them based on severity and give facilities a road map to alleviate these issues.

ATS will provide the labor and technology required to survey your facility and identify each leak.  Surveyed systems within the facility will be documented by location (area and column number) and by unit designation.  An ATS leak tag will be attached to the scanned area as close to the leak as physically possible.  Two images, one up close and one at a distance, will be taken of the tagged area to further identify the location of the leak.

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