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Advanced Diagnostic Testing with Motion Amplification

Advanced Diagnostic Testing with Motion Amplification

ATS offers advanced diagnostic testing services to identify corrective actions required to maintain problematic pieces of equipment. We use a multi-tiered approach, utilizing multiple predictive technologies. First, our engineers collect vibration data and perform phase analysis to pinpoint the source of the fault in the machine. Establishing this baseline allows ATS to use a revolutionary new video-processing product, the Iris M from RDI Technologies, to illuminate the fault in an enhanced video. The Iris M software amplifies the subtle motion of the asset to a level visible with the naked eye. When combined, the results of these tests give an all-encompassing report on asset health.

RDI Technologies has named ATS a Certified Service Provider. For more information about RDI Technologies, visit their website or their YouTube channel.

Here is an example of the Iris M in action: